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Scantech Site Services’ drainage consultants are often called out to provide drainage surveys for commercial and industrial clients in Kent. There are a number of common ailments they often find plaguing a system, and on this page we’ve looked to provide brief explanations of what each involves. If you’re in Kent and believe your system may be suffering from any of the below issues, don’t hesitate to contact our drainage surveyors on 07525 849 577.


Open or Displaced Joints

The joints which secure a drainage system can become displaced or split open for a number of reasons, for example because of the ground shifting slightly over time or because of root ingress. CCTV drainage surveys can locate the problem joint then, depending on the severity of the issue, a no dig solution will be suggested by our drainage consultants.


If the problem can’t be solved by patch lining or soft lining techniques, then it may be our drainage contractors are forced to carry out excavation. If this is the case, we will find a way to make it as convenient as possible for you, to minimise any disruptions to your development scheme or business operations.


Cracked Drain Lining

This is an incredibly common problem that our drainage surveyors encounter when working in the Kent area. Cracked drain lining can usually be re-lined through the use of high tech patch lining equipment, which removes the need for excavation and new piping being laid. If entire, long sections of pipe are badly cracked then our drainage consultants may recommend either excavation or a more drastic, long-term no dig solution.


Slow System

Have you noticed your system is slow, and that sinks on your property are taking time to drain properly? Our drainage consultants can carry out CCTV drainage surveys which locate the cause of the problem. Often, it is down to foreign objects making it down into the pipes and causing blockages. If this is the issue, our drainage contractors will figure out the most efficient and cost-effective way to get your system back working optimally.


Root Ingress

This is where tree roots and vegetation make their way into your drains. Depending on the severity of the situation, our tree consultants will be able to remove the problem roots and then advise on how to ensure they don’t keep coming back.


Domestic drainage firms usually recommend that homeowners keep trees and vegetation planted well back from a system, as they love the nutrients present in sewers and will try and find a way in wherever they can. Our drainage surveyors recommend similar methods for commercial and industrial clients in Kent, and can conduct drainage surveys that precisely map out exactly where your system runs so you know where to avoid planting trees and shrubbery.


If you’re in Kent and require any more information on the services our drainage surveyors and drainage contractors can provide you, call us on 07525 849 577.

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