Quality CCTV Drainage Surveys for the London Area

Our CCTV drainage surveys prove especially popular amongst London clients, who appreciate the clarity and insight they provide them. On this page, our drainage consultants have explained exactly what is involved in this service.


How are CCTV drainage surveys carried out?

A drainage surveyor feeds a high definition camera down a system. Footage is relayed back to a monitor, which is examined by our qualified and experienced drainage consultants. This allows us to diagnose any suspected problems and figure out how to deal with them quickly and efficiently. Life moves fast in London, after all, and we won’t slow you down!


Our drainage consultants will then explain to you their findings, and issue you with a DVD featuring all the footage we found while investigating your case. It will provide you with in-depth, first hand evidence of possible problems such as cracked drain lining or root ingress which can then be kept on file in case of future problems.


Why might CCTV drainage surveys be required?

Often CCTV drainage surveys are required by insurance companies before they approve a policy on a domestic or commercial premises. This ensures that there are no significant issues with a system before coverage is put in place.


Luxury housing developers in London can also benefit from a survey, as it ensures that a system which drainage contractors have put in place for them is fully functional and won’t cause them any difficulties when they launch their properties. There are many other reasons why a drainage surveyor may carry out a survey, however, for example to produce a schematic or plan detailing an industrial site’s drainage system.


What are the benefits of CCTV drainage surveys?

This form of survey is relatively inexpensive, is a lot quicker and less disruptive than traditional drainage surveys, which see drainage contractors take a more hands-on approach. It is also more accurate, as footage can be closely analysed and if there are any concerns, a drainage surveyor can request a second opinion from a colleague.


It can also be employed by drainage contractors in tandem with other forms of drainage surveys to create a very complete picture of a system, and used to form highly accurate drainage plans and schematics for London developers looking to secure planning permission for a site from a Local Planning Authority.


Call our drainage consultants on 07525 849 577 for fast and thorough CCTV drainage surveys. We cover both London and the Home Counties.

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