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Our drainage consultants and drainage contractors can provide a range of services for commercial, industrial and public body clients all across London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

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CCTV Drainage Surveys – To diagnose faults or potential vulnerabilities, our drainage surveyors feed a CCTV camera down a system and monitor the footage collected. This allows our drainage consultants to identify potential problems like a clogged area, cracked drain lining or root ingress. A comprehensive report that features the footage we capture will be provided to you on a DVD following the survey’s completion, along with an easy-to-understand explanation of the findings and recommendations for maintenance or repair.


Traditional drainage surveys can often be problematic, as accessing certain areas of a system can be difficult, time-consuming or costly. CCTV drainage surveys provide clients across Surrey, Sussex, London and Kent with peace of mind, as they are quick and easy to carry out and quickly show whether drainage systems are functioning properly and providing sufficient pollution control and chemical recapture.


Drain Mapping – We can produce schematic plans for commercial and industrial clients across Surrey, Kent, London and Sussex, precisely mapping out a site or property’s drainage system. It’s essential to have up-to-date, accurate drain mapping if you are looking to develop an area. Failing to understand where drainage lies could lead to massive disruption, as a vital pipe could be damaged during construction works, for example.


Our drain consultants will conduct CCTV drainage surveys and use the information they gather to create both the schematics and survey sheets. These will detail where inspection chambers and manholes lie, where external drains run and connect and in which direction water flows throughout the system.

Sonar Drain Tracing – A drainage contractor uses high-tech equipment to transmit electrical pulses underground, identifying the location of concealed manholes, collapsed pipes and other drain network features. Sonar drain tracing is often used in conjunction with CCTV drainage surveys.


Drain Lining & Drain Repairs – Our drainage contractors can fix cracked drain lining and open joints caused by root ingress, water infiltration, traffic or ground movement. We are the Surrey, London, Sussex and Kent areas’ experts in no dig repair techniques, and can carry out fast and efficient patch lining and chemical grouting services.


Patch lining is a fantastic way of dealing with small cracks and holes in pipes. Another solution to common drainage problems is non-structural gel sealing, which can seal and re-strengthen weak or damaged areas. This is a great solution for commercial premises where excavation could cause a loss of earnings.


Advanced soft lining techniques can also be employed, which involve filling the liner with polyester resin and inserting it into the drain. Once in place, it is inverted using air pressure or water and then left alone to cure. It’s a quick and efficient solution to water ingress and root penetration, and is both cost effective and non-disruptive.


However, often no-dig solutions aren’t a viable option, and a drain needs to be excavated and segments of piping replaced or repaired. If this is the case, we will ensure that the process is quick and painless, and has your system back working perfectly in no time at all.

Public Sewer Connections – If you require a drainage system connected to a main sewer in Sussex, Surrey, London or Kent, Scantech Site Services’ drainage surveyors can install an oblique junction, also known a Y-piece, made of the same material as the sewage system. Alternatively, a saddle may be employed, which establishes a new connection by fitting onto the curvature of an existing pipe.


Other techniques our drainage contractors may employ include the creation of a lateral, adoptable connection – a thin drain that is accompanied by an access point known as a demarcation chamber. Or, in the case of brick sewers, we will either drill into or carefully remove bricks to allow for the establishment of a new connection.


Drain Replacement – In some cases, our drainage surveyors will encounter a system around London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex or surrounding counties which is beyond repair. They are able to replace the drain system with high quality and long lasting new drainage pipes in accordance with health and safety plans and risk assessments. A new system will ensure that extensive damage to a property doesn’t occur as a result of an antiquated system’s failures or weaknesses.


Require any of the above services? Contact our Surrey based drainage consultants on 07525 849 577. We provide Kent, London, Sussex with quality drainage surveys.

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