5 Reasons for Surrey Clients to Invest in Drainage Surveys

Unsure why you’d ever need the help of drainage consultants or drainage contractors? Here are just a few reasons to give Scantech Site Services’ drainage surveyors a call. We can provide fast and efficient CCTV drain surveys for commercial and industrial clients in and around the Surrey area.


1) You’re Buying an Insurance Policy – An insurance company will often request that you call in drainage surveyors if you’re looking to take out a policy on a property or site in Surrey. This is to ensure that a drainage system isn’t badly damaged or maintained, which in their eyes would be a major liability. As our CCTV drainage surveys are saved to a DVD, you are able to send the footage to an insurance company, helping you secure coverage.


2) You’re Launching a New Development – If you’re a developer about to start a new project in or around the Surrey area, our drainage consultants can map out the drainage system on the site to ensure you won’t accidently damage it when excavating areas of land or building on it. Additionally, the CCTV drainage surveys they will carry out can assess the system’s health, and if there are major problems our drainage contractors can conduct important repairs and issue advice on future maintenance.


3) Your System is Playing Up – The most common reason our drainage surveyors receive inquiries from clients in Surrey. If there is an issue with your system, we can utilise drainage surveys to find the problem and figure out how to solve it. It could be a displaced joint, crack in the drain lining or maybe even root ingress. Whatever it is, our drainage contractors will be able to help.


4) Your System Needs Connecting – It may be that your drainage system needs connecting to a public sewer in Surrey, and there are numerous ways that a drainage consultant can go about doing this depending on your specific situation. We are specialists in using lateral, adoptable connections, oblique junctions and saddles, and an initial survey will help us figure out which is best for you.


5) You’re Considering Buying Property – Thinking of purchasing a domestic, commercial or industrial property? Beware that many properties in Surrey have outdated and damaged drainage systems. Our drainage consultants can carry out drainage surveys to ensure that you know what you’re getting into, and can request repairs to be carried out before committing to the purchase.


Sound like our drainage contractors and drainage consultants in Surrey could assist you with drainage surveys or a similar specialist service? Call us on 07525 849 577.

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